We believe that the combination of clear and pragmatic strategy , organizational design with defined roles and responsibilities , performance metrics and a culture of discipline in implementing the action plans are key ingredients to enhance the profitability and competitiveness of enterprises.

The Galeazzi always works with tight integration between the project team and key customer managers. The central idea is the union of skills and knowledge , so that permits identification of better earnings opportunities and their realization efficiently , providing constructive changes in management culture.

Consultants do business analysis with co-participation of key managers in each focus area of ​​the company.
The committees are composed of a facilitator manager Galeazzi , a client manager and leading consultants and analysts of both companies.
The Galeazzi brings his knowledge and skills in problem analysis and implementation of results -based management models, which joins the knowledge and skills of customers in your industry.
The partnership between the consultants and the business areas have the benefit of the sum of skills focused on solving problems , and facilitate constructive cultural change and the implementation of new management models.