What is it?

Advice on financial strategies and debt restructuring in an extrajudicial environment.

Who is it for?

Companies that cannot keep all of their payments on time, with high pressure on short-term cash flow, a significant increase in the cost of debt and/or an inadequate capital structure. By category or group of creditors.

Macro Steps

  • Understanding the current financial situation

  • Assessment of debt negotiation scenarios

  • Advice on renegotiation with stakeholders

  • Preparation of extrajudicial or judicial plans (as the case may be)


  • Financial modeling

  • Liabilities negotiation and restructuring strategy

  • Negotiation support

  • Extrajudicial recovery plan


  • Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2081 - 10º to walk

  • Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

  • CEP: 01452-001


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