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Generating effective changes to increase the profitability and competitiveness of companies

About Us

Aligning strategy, people and actions to develop and generate solutions for every moment of your company. We seek to improve the performance of your business effectively.

How Galeazzi will help you:

Integrating people with goals.

Focusing on what the company really needs and respecting the knowledge that people have of its business.

Implementing actions that allow companies to perennially conduct their own evolution.

Some successful cases

Our success cases, where solutions were carried out with personalized and effective actions to the needs of companies.

Payment options

Strategic/operational diagnosisABC mapping and OBZ budget for the following two years.Review of o...

Collection of Credits

Operational strategic diagnosis.Structuring the management model.Implementation of improvements i...

Insurance, Pension and Capitalization

Diagnosis of Organizational Structure and Operating ExpensesWorkshop with managers to define acti...

Real Estate private and public parking lots

Strategic and operational diagnosis.Management of the financial area and auditing:Cash flow imple...

Health – Diagnostic Medicine

Organizational restructuring.Redefining the strategy.Portfolio of units, products, customers and ...

Call center

Analysis of capacity utilization, with delivery of idle buildings.Review of general and administr...


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