What is it?

Management of the entire supply chain and/or logistics network. It encompasses all parties directly or indirectly related to the execution of the capture of an order until its delivery to the customer. It covers not only suppliers and manufacturers, but also carriers, warehouses, retailers and end consumers.

Who is it for?

For companies looking to:

  • Macro analysis of the entire supply chain to identify opportunities for financial and operational improvement

  • Identify and adjust the main cost levers to the service level required by the market

  • Reduce losses and mitigate risk in all supply chain processes

Macro Steps

  • Understanding of current processes (As Is)

  • Interview those responsible for the main focal points

  • Historical data analysis

  • Identification of the main Gaps (gaps) and Quick-Wins (quick wins)

  • Prioritization of actions and definition of the Master Plan

  • Formation of Improvement Committees (CMs) and monitoring of the generation of results


Action plans consistent with the company's needs.

Monitoring the implementation of plans through Performance Improvement Committees, covering:

  • Cost reduction

  • Lead time reduction

  • Reduction of returns

  • Cash management

  • Service level increase


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