Call Center

The company

Relevant player in the Call Center sector in Brazil.
Net revenue of the previous year close to R$ 3.0 billion.
PAs (furniture): more than 30 thousand.
FTEs: approx. 50,000.
Negative EBITDA:
Previous year (1) = approx. (-) 0.3% R.L.
Current year (9M) (1) = approx. (-) 0.6% R.L.
Loss of Market Share and Revenue, conquest of new inefficient.
Biggest Customer with 60% of RL.
Significant reduction in EBITDA in the last 3 years
Operating idleness above 30% with operating expenses above the market.
Problem in the capital structure (gross debt greater than 1.0 MM, most of it maturing in the short term (60%).

What have we done

Analysis of capacity utilization, with delivery of idle buildings.
Review of general and administrative expenses + benefits.
Review of the organizational structure and associated expenses from the activity-based view and the implementation of identified gains.
Financial model development, debt profiling support.
Intensive management of cash and delays with suppliers.
Contract review.

Main results

Participation in COMEX / Restructuring of Direx.
Co-management of the IT area.
Reduction of more than 85% in high-impact IT incidents.
Review of the general organizational chart.
Improved operational efficiency, positive impact of more than R$ 70 MM on results.
Contract renegotiations with an impact of approx. to BRL 20.0 MM in the result.
Review of organizational structures and implementation of the review of expenses from the activity-based view, impact greater than BRL 35.0 MM on the result.
Financial flow readjustment, debt profiling, success in lengthening short-term debt.


  • Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2081 - 10º to walk

  • Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

  • CEP: 01452-001


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