Cobrança de Créditos

The company

Company with more than 10 years in South America.
It operates in the collection of retail credits, individuals, companies, lawsuits and high value corporate credits (up to R$50 MM).
It has approximately 190 employees.
Gross Revenue approx. of R$ 20 million (Brazil: 90% of the operation) with an EBITDA Margin of 1%
Small company that had very strong growth after the entry of a “Private Equity” fund.
Micro management of the CEO (former owner/partner) in all areas.
MMR$ 350 invested to acquire portfolios.

What have we done

Operational strategic diagnosis.
Structuring the management model.
Implementation of improvements in collection processes.
Organizational structure design.
Implementation of results indicators and variable compensation plan.
Market analysis to guide future portfolio acquisitions.
Structuring the budget process. / New DRE and Cash Flow model.

Main results

 Implementation of a results culture (Results Meetings, New Income Statement Model with contribution margin, Implementation of cost centers, structuring and standardization of support materials and management indicators of the company's areas).
Corporate Governance (HR, Commercial and Financial Committees/Approval Levels / structuring of board meetings).
Structuring the MIS (“Management Information System”) to support the management and analysis of results.
Change of several executives and third parties due to lack of alignment with the new context of the company.
Call center cost reduction, RFP and migration to a new supplier (30% reduction in telephony cost).
Improvement of collection processes (reduction of offices, treatment of offers and fallen agreements, allocation of idle portfolios, disclosure of goals, rotation of portfolios).
Implementation of a new controllership model (structure / roles and responsibilities).


  • Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2081 - 10º to walk

  • Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

  • CEP: 01452-001


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