Distribuição de energia elétrica

The company

Company in the energy distribution segment and participant in generation operations. Open capital and state control.
Gross Revenue close to R$5Bi, with EBITDA of more than 10% R.L.
151% higher manageable cost and 22% lower EBITDA than your benchmark company.
Almost 4 thousand employees.
Higher level of operating expenses / consumer and operating expenses / network km compared to similar companies.
POS reduced 1,000 employees, an amount rehired in subsequent administrations.
PMSO % growth twice the growth of Net Revenue in the last four years.

What have we done

Strategic and operational diagnosis identified 18 opportunities for gains in the PMSO through short-term actions.
Application of the Workout methodology through Working Groups to eliminate and implement short-term actions.
Review of strategic planning.
Organizational restructuring.
Implementation of the Zero-Based Budget.

Main results

Significant reduction of expenses with collection, reading, measurement, office material and overtime.
Leaner organizational structure and better segregation of duties.
Projected EBITDA with gains of 50%.
Greater uniformity among regional managements.
Management focused on results and greater commitment of regional managers to budgeted goals.


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