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The company

One of the leading transaction capture and processing companies in Brazil, with a net operating income of approx. to R$ 4.5 billion and net income above R$ 1.5 billion.
Incorporation of the capture of a banner with relevant volume in the last year exclusively in the last year.
In the year prior to the project, the company's costs and expenses increased by approx.37%, against a growth of 12% in net revenue.
The competition generated by the end of brand exclusivity led to gross margin reductions of around 20% over the next two years.

What have we done

Strategic/operational diagnosis
ABC mapping and OBZ budget for the following two years.
Review of organizational structure w/ resizing.
Working Groups – implementation of opportunities to increase revenue and cut expenses.
Creation of the Expenses Committee.
Restructuring of the Purchasing area

Main results

Accumulated earnings over R$375 MM including the next 3 years.
Headcount reduction close to 30% in the year of the project.
Cultural change with a focus on efficiency and cost control.
In the 1st year post-project, net operating income grew (13%) above costs and expenses (8%) for the first time since the year prior to the project, net income grew by around 16% YoY and the efficiency ratio improved by 2 p. p's – reversing the worsening trend of the last 2 years, reaching a level above 40%. Corporate Governance (HR, Commercial and Financial Committees/Approval Levels / structuring of board meetings).


  • Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2081 - 10º to walk

  • Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

  • CEP: 01452-001


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