Real Estate de estacionamentos privados e públicos

The company

One of the main companies in the segment in Brazil.
It operates in the OFF Street (garages, Real Estate and underground garages) and ON Street segments.
Gross Revenue approx. to BRL 500 MM.
4,500 employees.
More than 800 garages in several cities (65% owned and 35% franchised).
Relevant participation of Private Equity fund.
Very fragmented segment with great M&A opportunities.
Unstructured growth.
Lack of structured corporate governance processes.
Non-committed leadership w/goals.
Organizational Structure not adhering to the needs of the business (Roles and responsibilities unclear).
PMI (Post Merger Integration) - Unstructured process.
Cash management performed without cash flow tool support.
View of managerial results overlaying accounting.

What have we done

Strategic and operational diagnosis.
Management of the financial area and auditing:
Cash flow implementation
Restructuring of A/P and treasury
Implementation of Corporate Governance.
Implementation of variable compensation based on KPIs for directors and managers.
Implementation of the “Stock Options” program.
Review of the organizational structure.
Working Groups (“Post Merger Integration”, management indicators).
Participatory budgeting.

Main results

Total earnings: approx. BRL 3.4 MM (project year) and BRL 7.2 MM (recurring).
New operational audit model: R$ 0.7 MM (project year) / R$ 2.6 MM/year (recurring).
Information technology (telecommunication and connectivity): R$ 0.5 MM (project year) / R$ 1.7 MM (recurring).
PRV (replacement of bonus by an incentive program for the operating base: R$ 1.5 MM (year 2011) / R$ 1.5 MM (recurring).
Stabilization of the accounts payable process: BRL 0.3 MM (project year) / BRL 0.5 MM (recurring).
Others: BRL 0.4 MM (project year) / BRL 0.9 MM (recurring).


  • Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2081 - 10º to walk

  • Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP

  • CEP: 01452-001


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